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Marine barge services

Safe and Timely Transport of Marine Barge Materials

Only those familiar with marine regulations and experienced with all aspects of tying barges, and loading and unloading cargo within time and tide restraints should be allowed to perform a marine barge service. From site checks, to use of hoppers and conveyers and working within natural time constraints, the PAR’s Services Ltd team of Richmond British Columbia securely carries out contracted marine barge services. With a certified, insured and experienced group of marine service professionals, we carefully manage and complete all phases of a contracted service.

“Time and Tide Wait for No Man”

You need your materials safely delivered as expected. Those that choose a contractor unfamiliar with marine regulations and time and tide restraints and who fails to perform adequate site checks can risk costly transportation delays, demurrage charges and fines. The marine barge services team at PAR’s Services Ltd of Richmond British Columbia understands all aspects of transport via marine barges and uses only experienced, certified and insured marine barge professionals. Have materials delivered on time, as expected and without issue with a company experienced with handling all aspects of contracted marine barge services for customers in Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver and all throughout the Lower Mainland British Columbia.

Here are some videos of us unloading a barge:

Our marine barge services include:

  • Loading and unloading barges with trucks and heavy equipment
  • Knowledge of using hoppers and conveyors for off-loading materials
  • Knowledge of marine regulations
  • Knowledge of working within time and tide restraints
  • Knowledge of conducting site checks
  • Knowledge of stockpiling materials on and off Barges
  • Knowledge of tying barges

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