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Welcome to PSL!

PSL – PAR’s Services Ltd executes every bid and every job with the customer in mind. Timelines, budgets and safety are critically important to every project we are awarded. It is on this foundation that we build successful relationships with corporations, municipalities, contractors, homeowners and business owners. We want our customers to know they can always count on us for quality workers and equipment, and to keep them informed throughout the entire term of the project.

Professional results come from people backed by a management team that values their contributions, success and well-being. We invest a great deal of time and money into our workforce to effectively train our people to be forward thinking leaders on the jobsite, with the ability to predict results before they implement plans or put any machine or equipment into operation.

Our wide variety of services help our customers keep their projects streamlined without the need to tender every different aspect of the job.

Services We offer...

Excavation Services. Demolition & Deconstruction. Bulk Contract Trucking Services. Highway Bulk Commodity Belt Trailer Division. Construction Aggregates and Organic Soil Sales. Marine Barge Services. Hazardous Waste Transport. Bulk Trans-Load Operations and Management.

Over the years we have provided service to many organizations, some of which include Cement Mills & Concrete Plants, Municipalities, GVRD, Mining and Oil companies, Aggregate Depots, Landscape Suppliers, Builders and Contractors. Whatever the scope of the job, we have consistently proven that we can perform our work in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner, and meet the unique needs required by each of our customers.

We are...extremely mindful of the environment

A third-party certification program, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) states this:

' New Construction certification and Energy Star ratings seem to be the future of construction projects. It's important to not only build beautiful buildings, but buildings that are energy efficient, healthy for their occupants to exist within and that they not harm the environment.'

The same holds true for recycling and disposing of all construction materials. When demolition debris cannot be re-used, PAR’s Services Ltd works with only certified recycling facilities to minimize any impact to the environment.

At PSL we also handle the safe transport of many hazardous waste types and contaminated soils.

Honesty and reliability from an incredibly skilled and competent management team and crew yield open communications that produce top-quality results.